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Thousands of spectacular glow worms have created a magical colony in a hidden canyon only a short distance from our retreat. Our fully guided night walk takes you right into the heart of our glow worm colony and offers a rare opportunity to observe some of nature’s very special light emitting creatures living in our own backyard!

Our small personalised tour includes an interactive fact session as you walk down into the heart of our private Glow Worm habitat. You will have plenty of time to experience up-close these exciting bio-luminescent creatures in an undisturbed natural environment.

Supervised photo opportunities will be provided with assistance from the tour guide.

Evening Glow Worm Tour

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Now is your opportunity to book a cabin tour of the internationally recognised "Wollemi Love Cabins", designed and built by local builder Lionel Buckett. Wander through the award-winning Treehouse, high in the Treetops, experience cave-lifestyle in the Enchanted Cave and explore your inner spirit in the Love Tee Pee. Other cabins may be part of the tour but are subject to availability on the day. Treehouse, Enchanted Cave and Love Tee Pee are all part of the tour.

The guided cabin tour will give you an insight into the unique processes & techniques used in the design and construction of each cabin. Think outside the square and be inspired to build your own house by the creative and highly unique approach to building.

Wollemi Cabins - Cabin Tour

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